Sign to Remember in Wellington Club

Travel is all about a place, the people, the tastes but more often than not the sign boards around reveal a lot more and add to the fun and laughter. During a recent trip to green Coonoor up in the blue mountains (Nilgiri Hills) in the South of India we had a great time over cups of aromatic tea and an authentic 4 course tea themed meal. The area is a favourite for bisons who often turn up at your doorstep pretty much uninvited or sometimes decide to give you a hot chase while you are walking around the terraced gardens in the hills. While descending from the hills, we stopped by at the nearly 150 year old Wellington Club in nearby Wellington for a quick bite and the sign under a tree did not miss our sight. The President seems to be the only one who has managed to befriend and impress the bisons. What’s your interpretation?

Wellington Club

7 thoughts on “Sign to Remember in Wellington Club

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  2. dogear6

    I don’t know how your bison are in India, but here they can be pretty aggressive. They would not only chase you around, but they love to challenge cars and take them on! The signs next to each other though really is pretty funny – that was a good catch!


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