Happy Birthday in the Sky!!

I have spent the last 30 years celebrating 20th March, sometimes with the stars in the sky, some years with the spring flowers that bloomed around, sometimes with a minute of silence as a tear drop flowed by or a smile that relaxed my facial muscles or quietly offering something in the local temple. I have overcome and forgotten many things in my life, some moments of happiness, few intense moments of pain and long days of depression but not the love for this date !!  Happy Birthday “S” , this “S” loves you and will ever will.

Before you guess further, this day many years ago my sister came into my life though for a very short period. She was a different child, with Downs Syndrome and very people those days knew about it. I was too small to realize either and marveled at her ability to bend her body secretly wishing she would be some gymnast that I would watch on television some day. There was always hush and murmur around her, everyone looking with a discerning eye. My little mind assumed they were in awe of a future celebrity until years later it dawned that they were actually counting days. She was a precious toy, more than the ones that money can buy, the moments that I have carried her on my back or hugged her tend to outweigh all the material things that I have accumulated over the years. Then one day she was gone, quietly and silently and I have waited ever since for that last hug for that last conversation in my garbled language. My parents had cremated her quietly not to let me experience the grief but little did they know that it did remain in my heart which manifested itself in anger and health issues for years on end !! Allow your child to experience everything since that is their soul’s journey, protecting may help temporarily but may leave a scar for life…

A few weeks ago while returning from a trip to the Himalayas, I happened to flip through a in flight magazine and there she was smiling at me from the pages. My heart stopped for a while, it was a little girl Navya with stark similarity and I am absolutely impressed and humbled by the effort of her parents Pallavi and Ashish on bringing up a different child and sharing it with the world. Their blog is a wonderful expression of their journey with Navya:


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday in the Sky!!

  1. Madhu

    A beautiful and moving tribute to your special sister Sangeeta. Not having been able to say goodbye must have been so hard. Thankfully perceptions have changed now.

  2. gypsysoul..

    im a bit speechless after reading this. I hope shes alright wherever she is.. i cannot imagine how it must be. ive grown up with my cousin dealing with the same and just lost him a couple of years back. though im an adult his parents decided to keep us all away from it and i dont understand why..and I did check the blog link you’ve posted too.

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