Inspired by Birds ; Pictures from Kerala

I am inspired by my feathered friends, they teach me the essence of life, the lessons of life, they remind me how to exist and co-exist and to enjoy every moment. Everytime, I feel low, I think of them flying from Siberia to India year after year to escape the harsh winter and I immediately feel inspired !! No sun, no wind, no rain can take their song away, its always on their lips if you care to listen. The one high up on the tree inspires me to dream high, the one in the water inspires me to stay afloat at all times and have faith in myself, the one hopping from branch to branch reminds me not to be judgmental about what meets the eye; and the ones in a group inspire me about team work. These pictures of Kerala Birds where I spent a few days beside the back waters is a quiet reminder.

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  1. Hello Sangetta,

    I recently subscribed to your posts. I really enjoy reading about India. I like “Inspired by Birds”. Great lesson from this post. Thank you.

    Best regards.

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