“Dakaar” the must have app for all Budding Chefs

A few years ago, I would always plonk in front of the television watching cookery shows and scribbling a few notes to recreate that magic. Later I would read recipes, look at you tube videos and sometimes even print the recipes while trying my hand at various dishes. Often, I would be reading multiple recipes and trying to figure out which one would be the best to try out or even mix and match a few steps here and there !!


With the advent of the app and the smart phone; life seems to revolve very much around apps for ease and convenience. I was looking for an app on recipes when I saw Dakaar (Burrp) and I got attracted to the name to look further.  “Dakaar” with 2 lakh and more recipes is just making it easy for people like me to browse through recipes while at the kitchen counter, trying to get things into place. No more running in and out of the kitchen to check the next step or look for some last minute tips. The recipes in the Dakaar app cover almost all the major cuisines Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and neatly classified under different categories like Desserts, Kids Special, Health, Snacks, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch etc. The best part is that the Dakaar app recognizes the time of browsing and shows up recipes pertinent to that time. While it is a good thing, sometimes I search for recipes at lunch time when I am planning dinner for my guests.

Dakaar has been founded by 4 college friends Javed Khatri, MandarSawant, Uday Naidu and Ojus Sangoi who have a common passion for food beyond technology. Some of them have even assisted their mothers in the kitchen and in the process of trying to innovate with food they decided to put technology to good use . They who have been building apps together since their college days. Their apps have been covered by leading news papers and TV channels.

Next time, you are searching for that long lost recipes, a master chef’s recipe, need some tips to improve the taste, texture and appearance of your dish or just want to share your secret find in the kitchen just head to Dakaar. With the vision for building a network around chefs, foodies, home cooks to share recipes, tips, images  etc; Dakaar may well be the ultimate destination for anything around food.

What they already Have?

  • Easy to use and aesthetic User Interface
  • Offline Access
  • Option to Request Recipes
  • Option to Submit Recipes and get featured on the main Dakaar Home Page

What is in Process?

  • Availability of the app in regional languages
  • Ability to rate and like recipes
  • Ability to sort searched recipes by different orders eg; rating

Already 1000 users have downloaded the app; you can download too from the link;

PlayStore app download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.masterchef.dakaar.recipes

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