Background is Red but name is Blue – Nobel Hall, Stockholm

Dressed in different shades of blue, we headed to the Stockholm City Hall for a guided tour. We entered the celebrated “Blue Hall” where the Nobel Prize Banquet is held each year on December the 10th. The hall has a courtyard like appearance and is pretty huge and squarish with a high ceiling and long windows through which the morning sun streams in. The brick walls look elegant and royal with no trace of blue whatsoever.Stockholm Blue Hall for Nobel

The architect Ostberg had named it “Blue Hall” before construction but did not have the heart to modify the charm of the brick look once it was completed. We walked around the room where the guests and winners are seated for the Nobel Banquet and then climbed up the stairs in unhurried pace imagining ourselves to be a part of the noble winning entourage. The stairs are inclined such, no matter the height of the heels or the length of the train, it will require sincere effort to trip!!  In the background, it may appear just like another staircase and an old brick wall,  but this one is special since distinguished men and women honored with Nobel Prizes step on it year after year. Dressed in blue I was just a reminder that the name is “Blue”!!Stockholm Blue Hall- Nobel Banquet

The Nobel Banquet setting on display complete with crystal glasses and porcelain cutlery matched with immaculate table linen triggered off yet another Spin a Yarn session ….”if only I were there” moments !!Stockholm Blue Hall - Nobel Banquet

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  3. Sangeeta Post author

    I am sure you will get a chance :)…Stockholm is beautiful, so many islands, so many bridges, wind and sea and delicious chocolates

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