Death by Chocolates and Desserts in Belgium

I have earlier written about my foodie exploits in Belgium at lunch and dinner. This post is dedicated to my sinful indulgence into Chocolates and Desserts during my stay in Belgium. We were walking around pretty picturesque Bruges, feeding ducks and counting our blessings for the clear azure sky after a short rainy spell. I love the window displays in the stores in Europe, very creative, pretty and interesting. We walked in and out of a few picking up souvenirs and tasting Belgian chocolates beyond the Godiva and Guylian. Actually, I love the unnamed, home made ones which also smell of the love that the maker mixed in as a delightful bonus. We took small bites of apple tart, strawberry and chocolate pastries and ogled at others leaving them for another day.

Belgian Chocolates

A few steps ahead my contented burp was stuck in my throat at the sight of a chocolate dinosaur.Desserts in Belgium

Belgian Crepes

After a long walk through the gardens and town centre we walked into this rather authentic looking cafe where the walls were plastered with old news paper. After weaning my friend away from a normal lunch I had to ensure she had her fill of Illy Coffee. So, we settled down to ordering crepes and coffee.Desserts in Belgium - Crepe

The perfect pan cake was served with dollops of cream, strawberry and powdered sugar which melted in my mouth before my friend could take her first sip of Illy. I have grown up on the Indian versions of Pancake- Dosa and PatiShepta(a bengali sweet dessert which is made like a pancake with sweetened batter and has a khoya or coconut filling) but with this one, all I can say is that the burp which was stuck in my throat earlier finally found expression.Belgian Crepe

Belgian Waffles

I was ready to call it a day but my friend egged me on, urging me to try the Belgian Waffle. After moments of reluctance, I took the plunge and am awfully glad I did.Desserts in Belgium - Waffle

 Belgian Waffles are crispier, have higher grid patterns, lighter (due to the yeast leavened batter) and served warm with powdered sugar and often with a bowl of fruit sauce. I instantly chose cherry sauce as I was bowled over by the Belgian Kriek !! (cherry flavored beer) that I had tasted earlier. While, I had promised to share it with my friend since I was apparently full but when I saw the plate, I conveniently forgot and dived for it !! 

Its not hard work for one with a sweet tooth to accept death by the finest chocolates and desserts. Life is a Vacation, me says !! 🙂

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    • Well I am a bengali 🙂 I thought my description of food and anything related to it gave that away. Patishepta, I can polish off half a dozen at a time and more if the filling is coconut and gud.

  1. I ‘ll never forget the chocolate eclair I ate in Bruges. It has to be one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

  2. okay, i can’t even begin explaining how much i’m craving to have something sweet right now after looking at all these pictures and reading through your post.