Hues of Me: Shades of Blue and Green Decor in Pandal

Some colours instantly warm our heart and for me it is shades of blue and green with a little bit of yellow and orange thrown in. When I started reading about chakras (energy centres) and colour therapy I could make some sense for my penchant for blue which is the colour of the Throat and the Brow Energy Centres.

During the recently concluded Durga Puja in Kolkata (akin to a carnival with a tinge of religious worship) when the Mother Goddess is worshiped for 5 days, the blue-green interior decor in a makeshift pandal (canopy like structure made from bamboo and cloth)  was a treat to the eyes. The blue angels with green wings descending from heaven was instantly energising and braving the crowds I stood there for a while, trying to capture the hues and the mood.

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