Sky-Water-Earth – Glimpses of Rural Bengal, India

The rural areas in Eastern India are mostly green, uber green since they are river fed for most part of the year !! Standing in the far corner of the field you can watch the sky kiss the earth, or the patches of green hugging the sky and the river while the fishermen wind up for the day under the setting sun. Observing the depth and breadth of the horizon, I was reminded of the limitless possibilities that life presents but more often than not we are lost in the nitty gritties to even explore.

These are pictures from a village (Jhorkhali) bordering Sundarbans area in West Bengal, India. Sunderbans, stretched out between India (20%) and Bangladesh(80%) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the largest mangrove forest in the world where the Royal Bengal Tiger can be sighted in the wild apart from other animals and birds.

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