7 Storied Rajwada Palace in Indore, India

Rajwada Palace in Indore is one of its kind, not for the seven stories but for being partly built of stone and the remaining wood. Built in 1747AD by Malhar Rao Holkar it is influenced by Maratha, Mughal and French styles. More than 2 centuries later this palace is now in the middle of a very busy market (Khajuri Bazaar) and it is difficult to park around the palace. I had to actually jostle through the crowd to go across to the other side to get a proper view of the giant door. With about 45 minutes in hand, we entered the palace but the over enthusiastic rain god decided to shower his blessings right then 🙂 Well, rain soaked Rajwada was a beauty which am sure very few get to experience.

Rajwada Palace in Pictures

Walking around Rajwada Palace

The bottom three floors are built in stone and painted brown while the top three floors are made of wood and painted a lighter shade with traces of white. It is prone to fire hazards due to the wooden structure and in the history of the palace it has been burnt down 3 times, the last being in 1984. Subsequently, it has been rebuilt and now the inner hall and courtyard is used to hold meetings and concerts. There is a small museum on the upper floor which is less of a museum and more like a show case of the Holkar Dynasty. The display of different swords caught my attention. After a quick walk through of the entire place, I sat on the steps in the courtyard, soaking in the quiet while a few yards away, the market was noisy as ever and I was anxious for the famous Indore snacks !!

Travel Tip

Indore is not really a tourist destination but a tourist hub which is the starting point for touring Western MP (Mandu, Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, Bhopal etc). Well connected by air and rail to all major cities of India. Include Rajwada Palace in your half day sightseeing itinerary.

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