25 Ways Travel Changed my Life for Good

I traveled from a young age since my father was very fond of visiting places and often took me along. Then there was a time when education took priority over everything else and life was a cocoon with books and grades. Travel was an integral part of work life but those were more to do with airports and business meetings rather than the one that warms the soul. It started with frequent short breaks for travel until that decision when I decided to toast Life as a Vacation and enroll for a Course on Travel in the University of Life 🙂 !! Here are the 25 ways through which Travel Changed my Life.

  1. Travel showed me the way to accept people and situations and go with the flow.
  2. Travel taught me to Appreciate people and their ways of life
  3. Travel brought forward the origin of culture and it myriad forms
  4. Travel enabled me to appreciate different lifestyles
  5. With Travel, I understood the value of food and fell in in love with flavors
  6. Travel evoked the dreamer in me and my spare time got filled with weaving stories of distant lands.
  7. Travel evoked the feelings of Stop-See-Feel and I looked beyond the structures and sights and felt the energy in every place
  8. Travel made me adjusting to what is !! and make home in every place
  9. Travel connected me to the 5 forces of nature – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether
  10. Travel taught me to make music with rippling streams and chirpy birds
  11. Travel improved my health inside out as I got moon washed for better health
  12. With Travel, I realized the sun rise every morning is a new beginning
  13. As I traveled far and wide, I rediscovering compassion within myself
  14. My bags grew lighter with every trip letting me know less is more and more is little
  15. Travel showed the way to the infinite vastness and abundance of the universe
  16. Every place I traveled to, I invariably had something to be grateful about
  17. At the end of each trip, I slowly inched towards living in the moment mindfully
  18. With so much to see and feel, with all the beauty to appreciate, letting go happened unknowingly to make room for more and more travel experiences
  19. I have begun to enjoy uncertainty with a quiet smile
  20. Travel has been the bridge from Impatience to Patience
  21. Travel taught me the importance of Forgive and Forget
  22. Travel took me closer to many Unsung Heroes which has been a lesson in humility
  23. Travel enabled me to make peace with myself
  24. Travel Opened the Door to my Heart and Soul
  25. Travel made me realize “Life is a Vacation” and the rest is divine will


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