With my shadow by my side !!

Nundkol Back WaterShadows are deceptive and are always beyond reach but instead of chasing them, what if we had them by our side. We were crossing a stream connecting to Nundkol Lake in Kashmir when the moss beneath the crystal clear water caught my attention. While stepping gingerly on the stones on the lake, we had to maintain perfect balance not to slip into water and get entwined in the layers of moss !! My shadow just helped me do that, guiding me to safety while I crossed over.

In the most complex of situations, guidance is always available and sooner or later clarity emerges on the forefront, we just need to keep our eyes and heart open.

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6 thoughts on “With my shadow by my side !!

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  2. gene hain

    life is a sojourn and living it like a vacation is a dream not many people can think of. indulge in it to hilt.

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