Reminiscing my days in Kathmandu, Nepal !!

Like millions of people around the world; I  was in shock as I watched tragedy unfold when the massive earthquake shook Kathmandu. I have fond memories of this mountain city; where I spent my first year at work nearly 18 years ago. It was a sleepy little town then, with warm friendly people who made us feel at home instantly. I turned the pages of my album reminiscing the beautiful moments spent in the lap of Himalayas in Kathmandu. I did go back a few years ago but development and modernity had transformed the city beyond my imagination.Kathmandu Budha Nilkantha - Sleeping Vishnu

Eyes welled up; tears rolled down for people I had never met; nor will I ever get a chance to but there was one thing in common between us, all of us felt that Kathmandu was a slice of heaven; a blessed place lovingly looked after by Boudnath; Pashupatinath; Swayambhunath; Budha Nilkantha and many others !!

In reality it turned out to be otherwise. Was it nature’s way of reminding us not to overburden; or was it a calling of our inner being not to come in the way of nature !! Yes but what about the little ones orphaned; what about the mother who lost her brood; what about the nonagenarian who stares at infinity having lost everything; too many what’s and no answers.

Pashupatinath Kathmandu Nepal

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  1. Lucky traveller you, sangeetha…for countless people, like me who have not seen Nepal as yet except in movies, the entire place is in ruins…wish you many more years of safe journeying and travelogue-ing…