Tallest Durga Idol in Deshapriya Park, Kolkata

This year my puja pandal hopping began with the world’s tallest durga idol in Deshapriya Park, Kolkata. The imposing 88 feet tall idol of Goddess Durga along with her entourage was resplendent in her golden glory. On closer look, the idols were largely inspired by the ruins of the Vijaynagar sculptures found in Hampi. The artist has breathed life while working with fibre glass, taking care of the intricate weaves of the saree and the delicate jewelry.

Tallest Durga Idol -DurgaPuja Deshapriya Park 2015

I was one of the lucky ones to be there early so that I could get a good close glimpse of her and she was mesmerizing in her own way. The mother here is not the traditional Bengali beauty, with limpid eyes, buttery skin and flowing hair. The delicate upturned nose, the cleft on the chin softened the square jaw and the large face. She seems to be a woman in control, completely in charge, a bit stoic but ready to bless and break into a smile for the one who surrenders at her feet !!

Tallest Durga Idol - DurgaPuja Deshapriya Park 2015

We had to walk through arched gateways to get a good glimpse of her and on the two sides, there were impressions of the Vijayanagar sculptures made of thermocol and layered with plaster of paris instead of stone.

Tallest Durga Idol - DurgaPuja Deshapriya Park 2015Tallest Durga Idol - DurgaPuja Deshapriya Park 2015

  • Artiste – Mintu Pal and 40 others. He is famous for his art, specially with Fibre Glass
  • Sponsor – Star Cements
  • Location – Deshapriya Park – popular landmark in South Kolkata

The organizers have sent an application for including this spectacle in the Guinness Book of Records.


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