Discovering the joys of a Budget Phone with Camera; ASUS Zenfone

Sometimes, during those long hard climbs on the mountain side or in crowded areas; I secretly wished not to take my camera along, because I am often pre-occupied trying to protect it and not to mention the weight. In came the mobile phones with cameras and for a while I snootily looked away convinced that a phone camera could hardly do what the real digital camera could. Then I had a change of heart and started fiddling around with a few; some were way too expensive and I was better off with 2 devices (camera; phone) doing what they could do best and the ones that appeared to be affordable did not have the output to warm the cockles of my heart. After I set my eyes and hands on the ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser; I have had a complete change of heart !! This can be an excellent camera as well with the best output & absolutely affordable at Rs 9,999/-


I found all the 7 things that a traveler looks for in a phone in Asus Zenfone.

  1. Sturdy and Light Weight: The incredibly thin design, the light weight, the placement of the buttons makes it easy to hold it has been created,crafted and kissed to perfection.  It is available in different colors but prefer the Red or the Black for travel so that it stands out, easy to maintain and adds colour to some stretches of monotonous travel.
  1. Durable Screen: The screen is silky smooth and the way I lug it around in my bag stuffed with all kinds of material, the anti scratch corning glass and the anti finger print smudge proofing is a complete blessing.

  2. Good Camera and Video Recorder: The 13 MP rear camera works like a charm. Some of my shots experimenting with the laser assisted auto focus, the color resolution, low light and detailing !! Needless to say I am mighty impressed. I am not much of a Selfie freak so the 5 MP front camera does not bother me as such. The best part is I can take a picture with gloves on 🙂

4. Storage and Speed: The 16GB storage is quite adequate for storing pictures from a weekend travel and posting them to my social media accounts on the go with the Android Lollipop and the 64 bit Quadcore Processor holding up well. The essential apps are all downloaded and work well.

5. Battery Life: I remain impressed with the battery life after hours of net browsing, camera clicks and calls. I charged it nearly 2 days later.

6. GPS :  GPS Navigation was pretty impressive, precise and stable. This is must have tool for a traveler in an unknown land and it has to work !!

7: Audio Quality: This is one thing that I am particular about, be it for the music during my sightseeing breaks in solo travel, or for those quick chats back home on my well being. I am happy with what the phone has to offer, this morning I could literally hear the flute instrumental in my heart as I went jogging through the park.

Ater scoring a thundering yes to all my 7 criteria, ASUS Zenfone Laser 2 is now firmly in my backpack; all set to travel for the next 10 days as I rough it out in a remote corner of the country!!

If you are seriously pondering over which phone to purchase for your travel or otherwise, or the first phone for your teen who loves gaming or for your old parents back home to use it for those video calls !! then look no further ….ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser has something in it for everyone.

Finally, pardon me for remembering the Priest with his mobile on the hills in Hampi; imagine him with a Zenfone …….and the entire story will need to be retold !!

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