Food Blogger Workshop with Affimity(Social Networking by Channel)

Affimity is the new kid on the block in the world of social networking. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In etc etc…do you really need another one !! I thought so too until I started using it. It is organized by channel and given that most of the time I am exploring travel and food it helps me to connect with people with similar interests some of whom I may never know in person. The best part is that they have a Chanel Moderator who keeps watch on content and in future have plans to initiate focused sharing and interaction on social media. I am sure I will have more to share as I keep using. Affimity App is now available for Android and IOS. 

I look at my Social Media needs as a series of overlapping circles much like a Venn Diagram, where each takes care of a need and in the nucleus of it lies what is integral to me which perhaps cannot be shared:

  • Facebook with Friends and extended family to share personal joys and feelings
  • Linked In for professional contacts
  • Twitter for news and sharing on the go
  • Affimity for some specific sharing on Food and Travel

Met the Affimity Team in their Bangalore office for the Food Bloggers Workshop they conducted for Bloggers belonging to the Food Bloggers Association, Bangalore on 17th January, 2015. Parveen Mittal one of the co-founders of Affimity spent time with us and shared

  • Deep insight on the changing dynamics of SEO, how to take advantage of the same
  • Tips on improving traffic and page authority of blogs since Google Page Rank is near defunct
  • Views on how it helps to be the early adopters of the new social media channels to lead the pack and establish authority. He suggested and Affimity
  • Vision on on how blogging is increasingly becoming an integral channel of marketing. Brands will look out for individuals with strong social media influence scores. Use Klout and Peer Index to measure the same
  • Notes on why content is still key and how hard work on the same pays off in the end.

Affimity is the social media partner for Food Bloggers Association, Bangalore and this was the first of the series of workshops planned together. I am glad to have attended this one which gives me a head start on making some changes to my blog and social media activity. Look forward to the next one already

If you are a foodie in Bangalore join the Food Bloggers Association at “foodbloggerblore” on Facebook or simply leave a message on the website


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