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How many times has it happened with you that you set out from home to run an errand and entered a cafe or a store instead ? It happens with me once in a while and more often than not leads to some interesting moments. While trying to find a place to park in a busy shopping area last weekend, I saw a board Cafe “Here and Now” with promises of English Breakfast and much more. I rubbed my eyes to re-check if I had read the name right; it was a strange co-incidence. I was turning the pages of “Power of Now” the previous night for the nth time in the hope of finding some additional inspiration from Eckhart Tolle and it seemed to have manifested in a cafe in front of me.


I walked up the stairs of the neatly restored building to a small reception. The walls were largely painted white and orange, adorned with framed pictures of Calvin and Hobbes and different abstract art. The first floor of a once upon a time residential property has been converted to a cafe, the various rooms and balcony turned into neat seating areas. The staff were very warm and five minutes into the conversation, I realized that they co-own the place.Bangalore Cafe Here and Now Wall

While English Breakfast figured right on top, the rest of the breakfast menu was equally promising. After some deliberation, I ordered “Spoiled Brat” which was supposedly a concoction of vegetables, chicken sausage, egg and cheese to be served along with Bread, Home Made Papaya Jam and a glass of Juice. (Opt for Tea or Coffee instead) While my order was being prepared I had the option of doodling on the papers rolled up on the table or just walk around to their game room or the book shelves on the wall.

I was more than happy to find a copy of “Himalaya” by Michael Palin. For the trekker in me enjoying a cool Bangalore morning over hot breakfast and warm stories of the mystic mountains is as refreshing as it can be.


The “Spoiled Brat” turned out to be a lasagna and it did not come as a surprise since I had been told that upfront. I sliced through the layer of egg and cheese and scooped out a spoonful or vegetables and chicken below. The mushrooms, diced chicken sausage and strips of chicken salami were well cooked but the tomato puree was a little over powering.Bangalore Cafe Here and Now

The thin consistency of the jam and the raw smell of ripe papaya seemed home fresh and went well with the brown bread. I lingered on for a while sipping the fresh guava juice, virtually traveling with Michael Palin through the West of Himalayas.Cafe Here and Now Bangalore

2 of my foodie friends Dushyant and Pratheek ( blog at Butter Theory and Grubitizer) were comfortably seated in the balcony tinkering with their cameras over their English Breakfast and Nice to Meat You. I grabbed a few generous helpings while they were busy getting their technicalities right. The pictures below are borrowed from their collection.Cafe Here and Now BangaloreThey certainly had made a better choice. Also overheard some one from the adjoining table rave over their Pork o Pine burger. Cafe Here and Now Bangalore

I will surely drop by again when I feel like spending a lazy morning sipping juice and English Breakfast. This cafe is a Cubicle to Kitchen journey of three passionate youngsters who are living their dream of creation. Bangalore has long been the start up capital for Information Technology and soon it is turning out to be a Cafe Capital as well with new ones opening up in almost every area. Some will survive, some will perish and some will go all the way to stardom. I hope Cafe Here and Now continues to innovate to be on course to stardom since they have got the basics right !!


Located opposite to BDA Complex in HSR Layout, Bangalore.

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