Mango and Jackfruit Festival in Lal Bagh, Bangalore

It is that time of the year which completely transforms my diet plan. Yeah; its the mango season and almost every meal during these 2 to 3 months between April and July will have mango in some form or the other. I have been visiting the Mango and Jackfruit Festival held in Lal Bagh, Bangalore over the last few years but this time I managed to be one of the early visitors. Jointly organized by the Department of Horticulture and the Karnataka State Mango Development Marketing Corporation Limited (KSMDMCL) every year, this festival orients visitors and fruit lovers to the joys of the fruits and the varieties that are available in the state. In 2017, the festival is on in Lal Bagh from 5th May 2017 to 24th May 2017. It is held near the glass house right next to the hillock that has the Kempegowda Gate.Mango and Jackfruit Festival

Mango and Jackfruit Festival

Mangoes that Stole my Heart

While I knew the names of the most of the varieties of mangoes by virtue of sampling them from the neighborhood grocery stores but there were far more on display here. As usual I gravitated towards the Mallika which is my all time favorite followed by Badami, Malgova, Daseri and the small sweet but heavily fibrous Sugar Baby. I tasted a few slices off the different varieties that were on sale and in most cases the prices are way below the market price in the city.Mango and Jackfruit Festival Mango and Jackfruit Festival

Jackfruit; Look beyond the Smell

That one fruit whose olfactory reputation precedes the fruit by miles is none other than Jackfruit. While most people shy away, I love the fruit to bits. I remember my childhood days as an able assistant to my grand mother cutting through a jackfruit with oil on my hands to minimize the sticky damage caused by the gum of the fruit. In recent times, Jackfruit has turned out to be a wonder cure for diabetes. Jackfruits are peeled and the bulbs are sold by the dozen in the fair. I went from table to table tasting a bulb each till I found my juicy sweet bulbs and quickly packed 2 dozens for myself. Mango and Jackfruit Festival Mango and Jackfruit Festival

There were stalls selling organic honey, home made savories, food items made from mangoes and jackfruits as well as some kitchen tools. Everyone who walked in through the rows of stalls, invariably walked out with a couple of bags. My latent greed for mangoes surfaces at the sight of unending cartons of mangoes. After some thoughtful and some impulsive purchase I returned home a couple of kilograms heavier. Mango and Jackfruit Festival

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20 thoughts on “Mango and Jackfruit Festival in Lal Bagh, Bangalore

    1. vijayakumar kn kumar

      Really really a great place to buy mangos. Attractive prices. I went bought so much mangos , ate so much that my Sugar had shot up very much. Yet This is amazing. Very very thaks to HOP COM. VIJAYAKUMAR – CHENNAI

      1. Nancy Ammanna

        We look forward to this MELA and buy as many number of times possible! Hope this mela will be there for a full month!😀

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