Lobster on My Plate in Shangri-La Bangalore

A friend mentioned about the Open Lobster Night on FB in Shangri La Bangalore and the very word “Lobster” ensured that I spent the afternoon day dreaming. Open Lobster Night is the evening of the first Wednesday of the month dedicated to lobsters  I drove down to the other end of town braving traffic on busy Bangalore working day only for the lobsters.  My last recollection of lobsters was was in a busy fish market in Norway where they added extra paprika for the Indian foodie. Every minute spent in negotiating the peak hour traffic was worth it when I glanced at the beauties on display. 

I quickly chose mine which was then prepared with all the Indian spices and sent to the charcoal grill. As I patiently waited for it to get cooked, I turned towards a helping of Lobster Thermidor which is a French delicacy rarely found on tables in India since the sauce requires some delicate and dedicated stirring. Lobster meat was cooked in generous amounts of white wine sauce which had a spattering of mustard for that sharp tinge. It was then topped with parmesan cheese, coarsely ground black pepper and finely chopped parsley.
I scooped out every bit, slowly and steadily devouring each morsel till my lobster doused in Indian spices arrived. Aah, this one seemed manna from heaven and all the food conversation across the table could not deflect my attention. It countered the mild thermidor and I was left wanting for more.

Gleefully satisfied, I tried my luck with lobster salad, delicately sauced tiger prawns, curried prawns and lobster meat too The array of desserts was a burst of colors with cheese cakes of different flavours, brownies, souffles and Indian sweets.
Rs 2000/- for this princely spread was worth every penny  Held on the first Wednesday of every month, this one is simply not to be missed by any seafood lover. The little bit of extra GST will not hurt if you are looking for an experience to remember.

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