Everyone loves Awards and I am no exception. In the last few months I have received several awards from fellow bloggers and I am completely overwhelmed by the love and encouragement. If you are even remotely considering of nominating me for an award please consider another blogger so that everyone gets to showcase and be appreciated and that way we get to spread happiness !!!

Liebster Award  from Janice Heck

Liebster Award

Awesome Blog Content Award from Anil CM

ABC Award

Very Inspiring Blogger and Best Moment Award from Archita

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Best Moment Blogger Award






Quintet of Radiance from Prasad

Quintet Blogging Award

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    1. Sangeeta Post author

      Thank you very much for the appreciation and the award. I am originally from Bengal but have lived all over the place. I had taken a 10 day road trip through Kutch which resulted in the blog and the posts.

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