Mood Impacts Food so prepare with Fursat and Mohabbat

Mood is the reflection of state of mind and it impacts our body and energy levels in some way or other. Cooking is an art that is performed with our hands which is one of the most important energy centres in the human body to receive and transmit energy. When our body and mind are not in complete alignment with each other, our energy levels fluctuate, going down when we feel low and going up when we are in high spirits. This energy level makes its way into the food that we cook. Hence mood impacts food.

In this age of quick fixes and fast foods, the dishes (read Biryani, Dal Bukhara, Chole, Vindaloo….. and the list goes on) that taste the best and and are most relished are the ones that are cooked with dollops of “Mohabbat” (Love) and lot of “Fursaat” (time) which is possible only when the cook is in the right mood.

Next time, you make your way into the kitchen, ensure that you are ready to focus and give it time and complete attention. Cooking can also be a great mood up lifter provided you concentrate whole heartedly on the process and ignore your “mood” !! Try it out and the dish will speak for itself.

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  5. Your mum is super right. I know it from the taste of the food. The day it goes off, I know I have either rushed, not paid attention or my mind was drifting somewhere and the love was missing.

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