Chakra Healing ~Recognizing the Rainbow Within

In ancient Indian philosophy it is strongly believed that whatever exists in our external world is reflected within. To understand the context of this philosophy, the presence of  the 7 crucial Chakras  or energy points in our body has to be felt and understood. Chakra Healing addresses any physical or emotional imbalance in our lives.

The energy centres or Chakras are associated with colors and these are nothing but VIBGYOR or the colors of the rainbow. At some point in our life, we have all admired the beauty of the rainbow in the sky and exclaimed in joy!! The same rainbow exists in our body as well and when in perfect alignment, we are in good health and happiness. Rainbow refers to the colours of the 7 crucial energy points (Chakras) within our energy body. This energy body exists beyond our physical body which governs our mood. Often, our affinity for certain colours is related to the alignment of our energy body. To know more about the chakras and methods to keep them aligned for physical and emotional well being, it will be worthwhile to take a course in Yoga from a knowledgeable teacher.

Colour Western Name Indian Name Quality
Violet Crown Sahasrar Wisdom
Indigo Third EyeBrow Ajna Intuition
Blue Throat Vishuddi Communication
Green Heart Anahata Love & Compassion
Yellow Solar Plexus (below Heart) Manipura Personal Power
Orange Sacral (below Navel) Swadishthan Creativity
Red Root (Tailbone) Mooladhar Earth

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