New Year or Navratri – Celebrating Mother Nature in Gratitude

I wake up to the tinkling bells from the temple nearby heralding the lunar new year…Some parts of South West India are celebrating New Year today as Ugadi, Gudi Padwa and the North begins to celebrate the next 9 days in worship of the Mother Goddess as Vasant Navaratri. Whatever, we may call it, the essence remains the same, of preparing ourselves to accept what life brings across. The special items eaten in the south on occasion of new year comprise of something sweet, something bitter, something salty, something sour to help us remain conscious of ourselves every hour and accept what life has to offer. The 9 days of fasting, worship and prayer is an effort to cleanse our body and mind, absorb divine energy and embrace the ensuing summer….

Lets have faith, observe ourselves and count our blessings at every step !! No resolutions for me, only powerful intentions with complete faith ….What about You?

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