Embracing Abundance

To experience  “Life is a Vacation” abundance is key in all aspects of life !! Many of us miss out on the vacation since we remain unaware trapped within our limitations unable to access the abundance that the universe offers us.  I came across the process of Abundance Cheques recently to be practiced a day after the monthly New Moon. I soon realized that it was just a process of aligning ourselves with the forces of nature. Most auspicious functions in India are performed during the brighter half of moon phase popularly known as “Shukla Paksha” in the Indian Almanac. This is to compound the positive effect with the waxing moon and draw abundance of blessings, love, finances, health in our lives !!

I felt the miracle of the Abundance Cheque written last month after new moon and marked my calendar for the remaining New Moons in the year 2013. I also resolved to write down all my intentions during the same time and allow the Law of Abundance to take over. Click the link below to understand the process and experience the miracle of abundance in your life……………………..


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