Joy of experiencing Full Moon in Rann of Kutch

While planning a road trip through Kutch, I ensured we were spending two days around the full moon in the Great Rann. I was quite influenced by the advertisement on television by matinee idol Amitabh Bachchan describing the beauty of the moon against the pristine pure white salt desert better known as the Great Rann of Kutch.

Great Rann of Kutch

Rann Camel Cart Ride

We were a bit late for the sunset but in time for the moonrise. It was a carnival site, with camel cart rides, kite flying, horse rides and everyone grabbing their slice of the Rann. As evening set in and the crowd dispersed, the moon shone brightly. Great Rann of KutchThe moon rays and the whiteness of the Rann merged into each other creating an ethereal environment.

Full Moon in Rann of Kutch

I sat there, staring into the moon and enjoying the infinite beauty of the White Rann. As I was getting moon washed with the pure moon light permeating through every cell of my body, I felt a sense of peace and calm that urged me to continue sitting there and reflect on life. After a while, with the new found lightness in my body, I rolled over in my favourite yoga posture ” Halasan”

Born on a moonless night, I am very much attracted to the beauty of the moon. As a child, I often peeped out in the middle of my homework to admire that white round glowing ball in the sky. During my adult years, I would sense a tear drop flow by completely in awe of the beauty in the sky. When I took to meditation and learnt to absorb the moon in myself, I became aware of what I felt all along. It was a journey of assimilating the moonlight bit by bit overcoming inner demons and fears until the full moon filled my being.

The soulful Sufi Mix Kachchi melody “Deewana,deewana, mastana, mastana” (crazy, joyous) sung by a group of local musicians in the Rann Utsav area filled the air and I soon emerged from my stupor. There is nothing better than an opportunity to meditate in the open, during a full moon night. This moon washing will last me a while until I find my next destination……

In 2017-2018, Rann Utsav will be held between November and February and the 5 full moon nights are 4th November 2017; 3rd December 2017,  2nd January 2018 & 31st January 2018, 2nd March, 2018

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33 thoughts on “Joy of experiencing Full Moon in Rann of Kutch

    1. Sangeeta Post author

      I visited on my own during Rann Utsav and stayed in Shaam e Sarhad. Will recommend a moonlight night trip. Individual customised trips offer flexibility but if you are on your own and traveling solo, Rann Utsav is a better option

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  3. Ruchika

    Hey Sangeeta

    While doing homework on Rann of Kutch specially on a full moon night i came across this interesting article of yours. I was now 100% sure that i want to visit on a full moon night. Checked the moon calendar and the only suitable date was 15th/16th March. The only doubt which continued gnaw at me was that since we are 2 female travelers how safe would it be to ? Specially considering the fact that we would want to sit around till late. So i did a little a research on that and came across a post in thorntree about 2 female travelers who traveled across Kutch alone. She had posted a link to her blog which brought me back to ‘life is a vacation’. I had come full circle.

    Just wanted to say thanks.

    Am planning to stay either at Shaam e Sarhad or Gateway to Rann. Any suggestions?
    Its a quickie trip wherein we will reach bhuj on 15th and leave from bhuj on 16th itself. We are basically coming to see the Rann of Kutch. I have very basic question- is it necessary to hire a car? Can we walk from Dhordo to Rann and Walk back ?? At night ?? It doesn’t make sense money wise to hire a cab just so that we can go from our Rann. Safety wise i am not too sure hence thought its best just to ask.

    1. Sangeeta Post author

      Hi Ruchika,

      I stayed at Shaam e Sarhad and loved the place. You can check out my review – Shaam e Sarhad is nearly 10 kms away from the main White Rann and there is no question of walking. Gateway to Rann is closer to White Rann but I am not sure whether it is walkable. There is anyway not much to do during the day in Rann. You will definitely need a car to reach Great Rann from Bhuj and it is best to hire one for 2 days so that you can complete all your sightseeing and Rann Visit. I would suggest hire a car in Bhuj when you land there and travel towards the Rann (almost an hour or more) including obtaining the permit. Based on your time of arrival, choose to have lunch in Bhuj (Mangalam Restaurant) or take a quick trip around the city or better still visit some of the handicraft places on the way to Rann (Kala Raksha, Khamir, Shrujan, Nirona Village). Keep the car to travel to the Rann, hang around till late evening, pretty safe, manned by Indian Army and BSF but dont go too deep inside. Next morning return back to Bhuj in the same car. Just drop in a mail to for any other details that you need. Cheers!!

  4. Ganesh R

    Hey Sangeeta!
    Really nice article! I am visiting White desert on a full moon night (17th March, 2014). I want to spend the night there with my friends. But are there any (cheap) accommodation available around that place? We cannot afford those expensive tents. We do not want to head back to Bhuj in the evening without gazing at the full moon. Please reply asap. I have been doing research online about the accommodation, but found no proper result.

    1. Sangeeta Post author

      Hi Ganesh,

      Try the government run Toran Resort which is on the border of the White Desert and most strategically located. It must be slightly lower priced than the others. The moon rises by 7pm and then you can head back by 9pm.


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