Mandvi Beach: Little Birdie Teaches about Life

I was enjoying the warm sunshine on my shoulder and the cool blue water caressing my feet in Mandvi beach. I have seen the Arabian Sea in many places but there is something magical about Mandvi, the water is uber blue and the sand does not stick to the feet. The sand is loose and detached and very content to be where they are and not keen to hitch a ride on our feet or clothes to get to our homes. I strolled around, intending to connect with myself and I noticed a little birdie teach me about life. In those 10-15 minutes I did not know whether to observe or to click but old habits die hard and I ended up looking at her through my lens. Birds like us humans also go through the same emotions of doubt, self exploration, to do or not to do, of happiness, joy, contentment, and on and on…..just reiterates my belief that we are all here on a journey home !!!

We are on Earth Alone to love, to learn, to liveMandvi Beach

We are on to share and “Two is Company”Mandvi Beach

We are often faced with moments of indecision “Should I or Should I not”Mandvi Beach

Then the moments of exploration to take one step further “Let me Explore”Mandvi Beach

Few moments of “Self Doubt and Hesitation”Mandvi Beach

Moment of Trust emerges “Let me Take the Plunge”Mandvi Beach

And then self belief strikes; soaring high “Its my world too”Mandvi Beach

At some point contentment sets in along with acceptanceMandvi Beach

With renewed confidence “Sky is the Limit”Mandvi Beach

Home is Where the Heart isMandvi Beach

Let’s Go HomeMandvi Beach

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