Green Therapy in Coonoor

Coonoor is a quiet little hill station, about 280 kms from Bangalore  and 20 kms from Ooty. Its a beautiful place for green therapy, idling around and watching the world go by

I enjoyed my weekend in Coonoor, waking up to chirping birds at the crack of dawn,Coonoor Dawn

enjoying the beautiful sun rays that engulfed acres of tea gardens on either side,Coonoor Sunlight

which alternated with the mist that seem to come by, hiding the view of distant hillsCoonoor Mist

while I rocked on my hammock, enjoying the green therapy that was soothing to the eyeCoonoor Hammock

as I mentally conjured a poem watching the spring time bloom, on every tree around.Coonoor Flower

Just then a bison came charging through the uber green terrace wanting the right of way,Coonoor Bison

but I till enjoyed my solitude with every one around, discussing worldly matters with friends yet creating music with my soul!!Coonoor Bird

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    1. Sangeeta Post author

      Thank You. I stayed at Tea Nest which is in a tea garden and has a nice exploratory tea menu that I had also written about. It is bit of a rustic place so may not be suitable for children. Great to walk around in the tea gardens and not too far from the station. Ideal to spend some quiet time. There is a Taj there as well which is supposed to be good. The Tea Nest owners have another property – Kurumba which is 14 Kms away from town.

  4. janalinesmalman

    What a lovely selection of beautiful photos!! You have a great blog filled with lovely writing and beautiful photos! Thanks for visiting my journey, it means a lot! I will be on the look out for your next post!

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