Sunshine in the Tea Cup from Coonoor Tea Gardens

We were walking around the Coonoor Tea Gardens, soaking in the warm sunshine when I heard a hum and the sound of something scissor like alternating to create a musical rhythm. On the trail to seek the origin, we soon found Anthony Amma happily going about her plucking job in the Tea Estate. We waved at her to catch her attention and received a beaming smile in return.Coonoor Tea Gardens-AnthonyAmma3

The next few minutes were awkwardly beautiful, we were communicating with each other in different languages, neither understanding the words of the other but the smiles exchanged did its job. At the end, I gathered that it was quite difficult to work in the scorching heat in the afternoon so she started early to complete her work. Coonoor Tea Gardens-AnthonyAmma2

She went about her job happily while we spoke, the smile intact and trying to explain what she was doing in her own way, showing different leaves and packing into her bag.Coonor Tea Gardens - Tea Tasting

Every morning, when you soak in the aroma of that hot cuppa, it also includes the sunshine smile of someone like Anthony Amma from some corner of the earth, who braved difficult circumstances to reward us with that experience !!!Coonoor Tea Gardens-TeaCup

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