Picture Perfect Alesund (Norway)

We were on a road trip through Norway, stopping by at nearly every bend to admire the breathtaking natural beauty. After living on Geirangerfjord for a few days we were headed up north beyond the Arctic Circle to Bodo. We stopped by at Alesund, a shipping town, off the Norwegian Sea and it appeared to be a leaf from a painters handbook. We took a short climb up Mt Aksla to get a bird’s eye view of the city and to say the truth, if I were a bird I would only hover above Alesund. This may not be the city that one would specifically head to, but more of a convenient stop-over while exploring the beautiful fjords (Geiranger, Hjorund etc) around.

Alesund View

The sea was vast as it ever could be and the occasional small island was a beautiful green break from the varying shades of blue.

Alesund Aksla

After a while, we came down and walked along the port, enjoying the brief spell of sun light, relishing shrimps and admiring the Art Nouveau Architecture around.

Alesund Port

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