“THOUGHT” ~ I decline your ardent Love for Me

29th April 2013, Bangalore


You have sent me this beautiful message wanting to be with me for ever but I am sorry I will have to decline your intense love for me. I have learnt to be independent without your influence and have experienced freedom being away from you. I am thankful to you for being around when I needed it but today I am drifting away. Please Allow Me to be ME.

YOU often took me on a long drive into the PAST, sometimes bringing a smile to my lips and most other times making my heart wrench with a drop of tear in my eye or grinding my teeth unknowingly. I have enjoyed my trips with you into the FUTURE which were rosy in the begining but often left me sad at the end.

I remember the times when YOU would encourage me to go on and on to spin a yarn judging everyone I met, secretly pumping my ego and making me feel important. Today, I  have a good laugh since  I am sure you did it to them too, since you love all of us intensely unable to decide who to spend the rest of your time with.

You always hovered around me, hugging me tightly, assuring me of your presence and professing your undying love. Well, I am moving away since I am in the PRESENT which only has space for me and I am unable to accommodate you.  I am sorry, I did not do it purposely. However, I must admit that my tryst with Meditation was an eye opener and I am off to explore the unknown and enjoy my “Life as a Vacation”. Will we meet again, May be NOT but I will ever be grateful for the wonderful lessons on life I learnt from you. It just happened as it was ordained may be…………

Yours Truly,


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  2. That was a much needed read! Sangeeta..:)…i am struggling with thoughts a lot!…i desire to break free…travel…but theres a big question…how…in terms of finances….some kind of fear…could you give me any pointers to break this? would appreciate your perspective…thanks so much again 🙂

    • Dear Sonali,

      I had a lot of fears – finance, travelling alone etc etc…and with time got over it. First spend an entire day by yourself in your city, exploring, clicking, sitting around in parks etc, then do short weekend trips. Make a fund for travel, setting aside money every month and then plan trips according to your budget. You can join groups who do budget travel.

      Best Wishes

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  5. Love this. It really says it all beautifully.
    Presence is all we have, and I think the true goal of everyone of us is to disappear into it.

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