Creativity – Thy Name is “Orange”

We are the creator’s creation and we are creating at every step !! Does creativity have a colour, a shape, a distinctive smell or is it all pervasive I wondered for many years until the Chakra Meditation Class one morning. After several sessions of clearing and balancing I realised that the all pervasive ever expanding creativity can be harnessed through Orange the colour of the Sacral/ Swadishthan Chakra in our body.

As per ancient Yogic Philosophy, There are 7 major energy centres or Chakras within our energy body which enable us to maintain emotional and physical balance. These Chakras correspond to the Colours of the Rainbow. Located in the sacrum area, a few fingers below the naval is the Sacral or the Swadishthan Chakra which primarily governs creativity and enables an individual to be emotionally balanced, enjoying good relationships and be appreciative of all of nature’s creation. It is believed to be a 6 petalled orange coloured lotus ┬árotating clockwise in steady pace. A disbalanced Sacral chakra can manifest physically in issues of the kidney,reproductive organs and or lead to situations that are emotionally challenging.

While there are many ways to keep the Chakras in balance, I have found comfort in the following meditation !! Every now and then, I prefer to sit upright, close my eyes and focus on the sacral region, vividly imagining a 6 petalled bright orange lotus rotating in the clockwise direction. I prefer to chant “VUM” as I focus on the centre followed by “Bum”, “Bhum”, “Mum”,”Yum”, “Rum”, “Lum” on each of the petals. The sounds were discovered in Vedic Texts, the vibration of which have a significant effect on the human body and mind. While, the benefits have not materialized over night, I have noticed the changes over a period of time as my insecurities, expectations from others, obsession with perfection, emotional anger to name a few melted away leaving me lighter, happier and much more aware than before. The biggest step has been towards creativity since I have managed to sit down, recollect and start blogging about my travels and stories that were all the while confined to scraps of paper, poorly scribbled notes and thousands of photographs in my computer.


Orange seems to have made its way into my life through all five senses. Its no co-incidence that I consciously or unconsciously end up having atleast one orange coloured food or drink during the day. The vitamin loaded carrot, orange, pumpkin and apricot brush shoulders with my favourite Indian Desserts “Jalebi” (sugar syrup coated pretzel shaped) and “Moti Choor Laddoo” (round sweetened balls from fried lentil flour) on my plate. With taste taken care of, I feel blessed to be in sync with orange hued sunset that I witnessed in Little Rann of Kutch

Orange SunSet

to the sound of melodious chants by orange robed monks in Lumbini,

Lumbini Monk

the smell of bright orange marigold flowers in every festive occasion in India and the feel of my orange hued silk saree that I love to bits !!


2 thoughts on “Creativity – Thy Name is “Orange”

  1. patricia Townsend

    Love your post, I am planning to visit India in Oct. 2015 and would so appreciate your guidance in planning the trip to see the Mother Goddess Celebrations Durga Puja and to visit Hirapur Goddess Temple. Thank you, Blessings

    1. Sangeeta Post author

      I will be honoured to do that. Durga Puja Celebrations are officially from 20th to 24th Oct 2015. Knowing Calcutta, it will start off a few days in advance. Once again, thank you for visiting my blog.

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