Beauties on a Tree, Indore, India

Their deep gaze unnerving at first but later I could not keep my eyes of them. I was walking around the Jain Temple complex in Gomatgiri, Indore when I glanced towards the tree in the corner on the slanting slope behind the temple.  I saw a few of them beautifully perched on the tree and when I made eye contact, I got goose bumps initially, but recovered immediately after. Indore Gomatgiri Owl

There is an inherent beauty about them and I wonder why these beautiful creatures were ever called ugly. They mean different things to different cultures but I will go with the positives where they are known to signify wisdom, mysticism, intelligence, protection, mystery, secrets. I hope I have been cleansed with that penetrating look and waiting to be showered with all the goodies that they bestow.  Have you seen an owl from close quarters, what does an owl/owlet mean to you?

Indore Gomatgiri Owl

Indore Gomatgiri Owl

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