Freshness of the Indian Bazaar -Scenes from Mandvi

We were walking through lanes and bylanes of Mandvi Bazaar looking for the famed Osho Restaurant. I love the fresh feel of the Indian Bazaar which instantly reminds me of my childhood when I followed my father around with a bag, buying fresh eats as well as fruits and vegetables. I often yearn for it as a respite from the sanitized super markets. While walking through one such lane, I glanced into a small dark room where fresh buns and biscuits are being baked in a country wood fired oven. The smell of freshness engulfed me and I packed a few for my secret snacks. He smiled as he went about his work which will surely find its way into the freshness of the food.Mandvi- Indian Bazaar

Mandvi- Indian BazaarMandvi- Indian Bazaar

A few feet away fruit sellers and customers were haggling over a rupee or two for a dozen fresh bananas and the orange seller was ready to accept the challenge for the lowest price. I smile for I have done that before as a fresh teen occasionally saving a rupee for my pocket money.Mandvi- Indian BazaarMandvi- Indian Bazaar

What stole my heart was the fresh sweet jalebi(sweet) and the fresh yellow dhokla. I stretched out my hand for a little bite and it melted on my tongue before I realised leaving me content.Mandvi- Indian BazaarMandvi- Indian Bazaar

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33 thoughts on “Freshness of the Indian Bazaar -Scenes from Mandvi

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        1. Sangeeta Post author

          Happy to help. The best time is Oct to March when the weather is just right and it does not rain. Let me know what you would like to experience and what is the duration you are looking for and am happy to help. Send me a mail on my gmail id.

          1. Sangeeta Post author

            Mmm not in every place. If you are planning too much of a cross country, better to have company. If you choose some place I have not been to, I may just pop along !!! Ha, I am just joking..

  2. greenmackenzie

    It looks like a wonderful treat for all the senses Sangeeta. So much better than the chilled food isles of a supermarket, with all its plastic wrapped fruit and vegetables 🙂

    1. Sangeeta Post author

      Yes, the touch and the feel is awesome. Only you have to be ready for the earthy touches and smell. Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

    1. Sangeeta Post author

      Yes Janet…only if you can live with the smell of cow dung and other rotten stuff which may be far from fresh 🙂 They by pass my nose these days…

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