Boat Ride on Narmada through Marble Rocks, Jabalpur, India

A trip to the Bhedaghat area of Jabalpur is incomplete without a boat ride on the Narmada through the high cliffs or the marble rocks. It is a rather rickety boat ride with a group of 10-12 people on the quiet Narmada through the 3km long gorge that runs between the high cliffs (approx 100 feet). As the boat moves, the white cliffs streaked with green and brown volcanic rocks shimmer under the sun light. The boat man narrates a story of love in a comic style accompanied by some off tune latest remix which generates amusement and laughter. At some point during the ride, the Bandar Kodini point can be seen where the cliffs come so close that monkeys are able to jump across. I did not notice a monkey but a young boy of 10-12 who dived down into the water from a cliff top all for a 10 Rupee which he wanted in exchange of his carefree dare devil act.

It is supposed to be a heavenly sight on a moonlit night, a popular spot where the hero serenades his love in many a Bollywood movie. After a 45 minute ride, we got off and walked along the river and needless to say where there is a river, faith cannot be far behind, this is India…

Bhedaghat Marble RocksBhedaghat Marble Rocks

Travel Tip

Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks which are famous for sighting the Tiger in the Wild are within 3 hour driving distance from Jabalpur. The city is connected to larger cities through rail and air.

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  3. My Say

    Wow I thought river amid rocks were only in US 🙂 these are some amazing captures 🙂 and the guy jumping of the cliff..for 10 bucks .. makes me go political again 😀

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