100th Post & am 100 miles away from my blog

100th Blog PostThat’s True. I am a 100 miles away from my blog and my home getting trained on Yoga. I scheduled this post on my blog to express my gratitude to everyone who followed, who liked, who commented and awarded me on my posts which kept me going to achieve this century. I have discovered my extended family in each one of you.

I may not live a 100 years but I have surely traveled to 100 places, met more than 100 people, tasted a 100 dishes and written and read a hundred blog posts. I traveled to different places, loved new cultures, met new people, tasted new cuisines and expressed my gratitude for these experiences, sometimes as scribbled notes on scraps of paper, sometimes as unnamed notes on my computer and more often than not left them alone in my head. I attempted to blog a couple of years ago but never went far until this April-2013 when I was determined to give them the words that they deserved. In these few months I felt like a different person with all the blogs I read, all the places I took a virtual tour to, all the recipes I have stored away for another day and the poems and photographs that touched my heart. Well, the blogosphere seems to be a wonderful place which I am happy to be a part of !!

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      1. yogamardi

        That’s wonderful news about your teacher‘s certification. I was wondering if you‘d finished yet. Congratulations!! Sutra Neti would definitely cultivate courage 🙂

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