Ship Ride – Deep Blue Aegean Sea, Greece

I love walking along the sea shore, each wave reminds me of the thoughts that arise in our minds creating temporary turbulence, only to fade away. The feel of the sand under my feet and the salt in the air has a therapeutic effect on me. The deep blue Aegean Sea made me aware of the vastness that lies within us waiting to be unlocked.

My friend and I took a trip from Fira in Santorini to a Volcanic Island (Nea Kameni) in a ship which resembled the ones that are seen with the Pirates of the Caribbean. We braved the high tide and an occasional storm which drenched us completely. Every moment aboard was magical, the enchanting blue, simmering sunlight on the low mountain ranges around and the undulating waves that thrashed against the ship. We swayed from left to right and right to left but regained balance soon after, just like life.

A few fellow passengers took a hot spring dip in Palea Kameni on the way and then we lunched at Thirassia savouring delicious sea food. We returned in time for the gorgeous sun set in Oia !!

This is a day trip from Santorini Islands in Greece which can be booked on the island itself. Even if you are not up to walking on a volcanic island, the ride on the ship in the high seas is an experience by it self.

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    1. Sangeeta Post author

      In Greece, you will move island to island in a ferry and some side trips on a ship like this. The ferry is pretty cool, you dont feel a thing but in a ship, he may feel nauseous since it sways a lot.

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