Nea Kameni Volcanic Island, Santorini, Greece

Nea Kameni or New Island is one of the volcanic Islands off Santorini is largely uninhabited except for the tourist visits every day. We took an hour long ship ride from Fira in Santorini Islands towards this volcanic island which we were told erupted several hundred years ago and also experienced a minor eruption sometime around 1950. We got off the ship and walked up a gravel path to the edge of the craters.Nea Kameni-Santorini-Greece

I was horribly unprepared, flipping over my flip flops which often chose to sink into the soft, hot gravel leaving my feet suitably roasted !! Nea Kameni-Santorini-GreeceWe walked around the edge of the largest crater with care since one slip was a sure way to get barbecued if alive or sink in the gravel without trace. Nea Kameni-Santorini-GreeceThere was a small crater which caught everyone’s attention where the intense heat and the smell of sulphur could be felt.Nea Kameni-Santorini-Greece I sat on one of the edges for a while, loving the beautiful views of the Aegean Sea under the clear blue sky. The white clouds played hide and seek with the sun offering the shade of an umbrella when we needed it most. Nea Kameni-Santorini-GreeceThe sky merged into the sea in the horizon and the different shades of blue was as soothing as it could be !!Nea Kameni-Santorini-Greece

Next we headed towards Palea Kameni or Old Island which had numerous hot springs which spouted medicinal water into the sea and was an ideal spot for a quick swim. While, I shied away from the swim since I can barely float, numerous co passengers took the plunge and came back awash with traces of sulphur all over.Nea Kameni Palea Kameni It’s a short dive into the sea from the ship and you can choose to take a tube for support in case you don’t feel completely confident. It is the only place where the deep blue Aegean takes on an yellowish tinge with the ample presence of sulphur. Finally, it was the sumptuous lunch in Thirassia.Nea Kameni Thirassia Sea Food

Thirassia is a pretty picture, with colourful boats, houses hanging from the cliffs around and the delicious sea food. We enjoyed our meal by the sea in a table which was just meant for us !!

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  2. dNambiar

    Santorini… someday. It’s on my wishlist. 🙂
    As for volcanoes and volcanic activity, I got to see some on Big Island, Hawaii and some here in California. But the fascination never dies. Would love to check out Nea Kameni.

    Nice post. 🙂

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