Upside Down Good Morning with Yoga

My mornings begin with Yoga which sets the tone for the day. Every morning is a good morning with a little bit of Yoga thrown in. My anytime, anywhere moments are defined by Shirshasana which instantly recharges my batteries. During a week long trek into the Himalayan Ranges in picturesque Kashmir I was completely in awe of the mighty Harmukh (God’s Face) Peak. After sprinkling some water on my face from the Holy lake that lies at the feet of the peak, I turned upside down in obeisance, in joy and gratitude. These are rare moments of happiness and my friend very kindly froze the moment through her lens.

Harmukh Peak

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29 thoughts on “Upside Down Good Morning with Yoga

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  5. ritzy182000

    wow sangeeta…..i see a bit of vanity there, a fiery arrogance of being able to turn upside down in such an effortless way….i hav been trying to do shoulder stand, but headstand is really sumthing which requires dedication :))

    1. Sangeeta Post author

      Aha…you usually see and interpret what you are feeling at the moment. The vanity and arrogance must be there somewhere lurking within you 🙂 which made you interpret it that way. Work through it and all asanas whether shoulder, head or hand stand will be a breeze.

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