Yoga By the River Narmada in Maheshwar

Woke up to the news of the passing into light of BKS Iyengar, the man who took Yoga to the world. It is the end of an era in the World Yoga Map. I have been a yoga practitioner for a while and turning upside down in Shirshasana every morning is a joy forever. My initial interest in Yoga was fuelled by books on Yoga by Guruji. As I glide into yoga poses I remember his golden words “Live Happily, Die Majestically’. I don’t know about death, but I definitely try to live happily. Recently, I was walking along the Narmada in Maheshwar and it was a delight to watch a gentleman stretching into different asanas on the banks of the river. I curbed my intense desire to turn upside down and focused on a few clicks that I am sharing here from the Yoga by the River session.

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Bend it with Lenovo Yoga!!

I am not a gadget freak!!! More often than not am happy with a good functional working solution. I typically carry a tablet for writing notes and taking pictures during my travels, catching up on mails, browsing or playing around with different apps mostly related to travel.  This Lenovo tablet caught my eye not for the looks but for the name “Yoga”  which fired my imagination.

The tagline Stand, Tilt, Hold sounds like the commands I give myself as I glide into yoga poses every morning. My yoga practice balanced my body, mind and soul over a period of time aligning instantly when I am faced with a not so favorable solution. I am expecting the yoga tablet to live up to the same spirit of Yoga and remain energetic ( long battery life) and in balance under all circumstances. My dream Yoga Tablet is the one which ….

  • Every time it senses a sort of free fall it should be able to stand or hold in balance when it reaches the floor causing no damage to it self from water, fire, stones, you name it !! Aha !! with that assurance I will carry it around to my most private moments with myself , you know where 🙂 to read the morning news or my favorite book.
  • As is true with any yoga practice, the tab should mature to advanced stages of Yoga and along with Stand, Tilt, Hold, it should progress to Fold just like the Forward Bends in Yoga and travel the world safely in pockets and purses and stretch out to its limit for catching up on news and mails.
  • It should be self energizing ( battery charged with kinetic movement) with all these movements so that it remains my trusted companion when I am wandering in hinterland
  • It should have those extra sensors to beep when it wants to get into a pose for protecting itself or conserve energy
  • It should have the sensor to do yoga next to me every morning so that I get to read my mails and news while I am performing poses!!

Will the Lenovo Yoga Tablet live up to Lord Krishna’s famous words “Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam” (excellent in action is Yoga) and bring a revolution in the tablet world and unveil a Better Way ? Will the history of Yoga be re written to include Lenovo Yoga along with Hatha Yoga ? Move over “x Yoga”, “y Yoga” “z Yoga”, its time for Lenovo Yoga every morning !! I am waiting to see it in action, Are you ?

Upside Down Good Morning with Yoga

My mornings begin with Yoga which sets the tone for the day. Every morning is a good morning with a little bit of Yoga thrown in. My anytime, anywhere moments are defined by Shirshasana which instantly recharges my batteries. During a week long trek into the Himalayan Ranges in picturesque Kashmir I was completely in awe of the mighty Harmukh (God’s Face) Peak. After sprinkling some water on my face from the Holy lake that lies at the feet of the peak, I turned upside down in obeisance, in joy and gratitude. These are rare moments of happiness and my friend very kindly froze the moment through her lens.

Harmukh Peak

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“Heal thy” self to Life is a Vacation

A few years ago, I was sitting on a couch in a doctor’s clinic wishing my stomach cramps would just vanish into thin air and I would be spared from these periodic visits. I tried my best to be patient in spite of the cramps and a runny nose but every few minutes my eyes were on the wall clock. Suddenly, my gaze fell on a poster on the wall which I had conveniently overlooked during my previous visits. The words on the poster “So many people spend their health gaining wealth and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health” ~ A. J. Reb Materi  changed my life for the better.

Driving back home with a set of routine instructions from the doctor I pondered over my life. I lead a hectic life, long work hours, travelling most of the week to sustain my technology services job which filled my wallet, made me feel important, got me a seat in the front of the plane, took me to places that I never managed to experience but in the craze of it all I had also acquired persistent cold, a disgruntled digestive system, occasionally painful joints and a perpetually irritable mood. I had horribly missed work life balance and holidays were spent on the phone or answering email with very little time for myself. While wealth was stacking up, health was slipping away and at this rate my dream of seeing the marvelous creations of nature across the earth would largely remain unfulfilled. I would perhaps bid goodbye to earth with nothing to laugh about but a few unread boring e-mails, the thought of which seemed absolutely scary and I was determined for a solution.

The next few weeks were spent in reading all kinds of books including “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louis Hay. I realized that good health was beyond the physical body and thoughts and emotions had a significant role. I also understood the existence of the invisible sheaths or bodies beyond the physical body known as aura which had to be cleansed with positive thoughts and focused determination.

  • I maintained a daily journal on what I felt during the day which I dutifully wrote every night before heading to bed.
  • I spent a few days writing about the significant happenings in my life through the years, the regrets I associated with it and the blessings that came out of it albeit later. To my surprise I realized that the blessings far outweighed the regrets, anger and guilt.
  • I started letting go of all the regrets, anger and guilt that I held inside which did not serve me any more by focusing on the blessings. My inner voice would often tell me,that life is a vacation and I am a traveler and every person who I met was a teacherDifferent people will have different things to let go eg that aunt who made a sarcastic remark, the high school teacher who was unkind, that unrequited love who never understood, a friend who apparently betrayed trust, a boss who never gave recognition, a parent who never stood up, a sibling who mis-behaved, that university who refused admission, the bank balance which promised happiness and so on.
  • I consciously started to look at every situation positively and reconstructed my words until it became a habit. eg instead of “I will not do this”, I focused on “I will do this”
  • I applied a brake uttering “CANCEL” whenever a negative thought bubbled and in fact wrote an open letter to Thought
  • Alongside, I began a regular yoga practice, feeling every pose and immersing myself in it and often ended up shedding tears without a reason
  • I gorged on break fast, ate lunch on time, made dinner a light affair and caught up on sleep.
  • Within a few months, I felt the change, my body was bendy, strong and when every one around was complaining of flu, aches and pains, surprisingly I had none.
  • To my surprise, it was a while and I had not reached out for that pill to ease my queasy stomach.
  • I was increasingly aware of everything around and things that irritated me earlier were now happily ignored. I felt light and happy most of the time.
  • I took charge of my life by “Awakening the CEO” in me and my focus shifted gears from the corporate job to being my own best friend
  • Patience, Empathy and Acceptance became an unconscious part of me showing the way towards Life is a Vacation.
  • I realized that everything which showed up outside was a reflection of what was inside and the key to health and happiness was within me.

I know I am healthy and my “Life is a Vacation” when,

  • I wake up in the morning with a smile for no reason
  • I do not mind the neighbor’s pitter patter from the floor above
  • I slip into yoga poses effortlessly enjoying the massage from the stretching and bending
  • I love the wind in my face during my morning jog and feel my breath flow in and out smoothly leaving me energised
  • I enjoy the drive to work inspite of traffic snarls enjoying music and people around
  • I don’t experience a muscle twitch or my teeth grind while reading not so pleasant mails
  • Everything at work falls into place without any fret and fume from co-workers
  • I listen patiently to the persistent tele caller trying to sell me schemes and products allowing them to do their job before declining politely
  • It takes a lot of hard work to get angry
  • I instantly think of 10 different reasons why someone is being difficult and just let go
  • I forgive myself and others and seek forgiveness without ego for anything out of place
  • I think on my feet in difficult situations and focus on the solution without losing nerve
  • I just eat what I want with dollops of love, with ultimate confidence on my digestive system
  • I am not sneezing in the park or dealing with a runny nose during change of seasons
  • I am planning my next travel somewhere on this planet
  • I am reading through recipes and plotting when to do the next experiment
  • I strike a random conversation in the park, mall, bus, airport, observe expressions and weave stories in my mind
  • I sink into deep sleep as soon as my head touches the pillow irrespective of the place

If any of the above are amiss, I know it is time to contemplate, let go of that nagging thought, forgive, breathe mindfully, get regular with yoga, laugh out loud, drink an extra glass of water, stock up on juice and fruits, pack my bags for the next destination and get back on track. Our Health is our choice and our body and mind can Heal Thy selves only if we are determined.

Through the Door: A Date with Myself

My life was in motion interspersed by different doors, some wooden, a few steel and glass and one purely invisible, the existence of which I was blissfully unaware of. I lived closeted between them, breezing out every morning through the doors in the bedroom, bath, living room, entrance, lift, car, office and breezing back in the evening, some times taking a detour through a restaurant door, theatre door or occasionally through a museum door. It was just another morning and I was busy making a mental note of things to accomplish pretty much oblivious of the beautiful nature around. Soon, my gaze fell on the sun rays peering through the half open entrance door, which was a welcome distraction from the endless list of tasks and actions. “How Beautiful”, I exclaimed under my breath, and started walking towards the door. I pushed the door further to take a warm bath in the morning rays when I saw a figure that appeared so much like me. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, ready to dismiss it as a morning mirage, but what followed there on, was a date with myself through the door !!!

Date With Myself

The shadowy figure that emerged from sunlight was my twin self with clear shining eyes, an awfully calm and glowing face devoid of frowns and a relaxed demeanor. I felt old and desolate in front of her, all those branded clothes, vitamins, minerals and anti ageing creams seem to have accomplished very little. I stretched out my hand and started walking towards her but the distance seemed to ever increase. Finally, my twin self spoke, reminding me that we were inseparable at birth and through childhood, slowly moving away from each other over time succumbing under the pressures of adulthood. All these years, while my twin had been patiently waiting for me to stop, look , feel her presence and give her the gentle embrace, I was too busy acquiring material success to even notice.

Unknown to me, I had slowly erected an invisible door between us, nailing it shut with ego, impatience, anger, irritation, self pity, hypersensitivity, fear, guilt, hurt and pursuit of elusive perfection to name a few. I was shaken out of my reverie by the neighbor’s alarm clock and for a change I was not irritated by the piercing sound. It was the beginning of living between the doors, of conscious breathing with Yoga, keen observation, meditating, letting go, forgiving, practicing self belief and faith which helped me remove the umpteen nails from the invisible door. Some nails required little effort, while removing others became a long drawn affair as the nails were rusted stuck in the deep. With the nails for support slowly removed, the door itself came apart allowing me to get one with my twin. It’s been a while and we are largely inseparable , barring a few incidents which crop up now and then, mildly threatening to tear us apart. However, I consciously endeavor to thwart all such attempts by being mindfully present. I have not only managed to unite with my twin but have also visibly and invisibly gained a lot, the body feels lighter, the heart wider, the skin stretched by a few mm, the strands of gray showing sparks of black, time and patience seem to be heading towards ad infinitum and last but not the least, the aches and pains have gone off on an indefinite vacation.

You too have a twin self lurking around,who you may not have met for some time. It may be worthwhile to stretch out your hand through the door and hug them tight for the rest of your life.

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