Eerie Moment in Diamond Museum in Amsterdam

Skull - Diamond Museum in AmsterdamIt was a wet afternoon in Amsterdam and after shelving my plans to walk around the canals, I decided to spend time in the museums. Like most women, I love those sparkling ones too and so I decided to start with the Diamond Museum in Amsterdam. I walked through the museum admiring the collection on display, ogling at some and dreaming about a few others. It was a quiet and not so crowded place and as I reached the end of the corridor looking for the staircase, I squealed looking at the skull in front of me adorned with a million diamonds. I got goosebumps and then composed myself. What a sight it was!! but I am yet to figure out the intent and meaning behind the presentation. It appears as though a real skull has been placed from far !! Most people tend to give this museum a miss but I would definitely recommend this one since it is in the Museum Square itself.

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