Celebration of Inner Light – Diwali

Diwali LampsOn a dark moonless night in the month of October- November an entire country lights up through its length and breadth to celebrate Diwali or Deepawali (row of lamps). Yes, it is India, where in different corners of the country, it is celebrated with different mythological stories, spiritually it is the celebration of the inner light that shows the way to freedom!! Diwali is to Hindus in India is what Christmas is to Christians across the world. Over the years the celebrations have crossed across borders to different countries in the world where Indians have migrated in search of education and better fortune.

This year 2017 Diwali will be celebrated between 16th October to 20th October begining with buying new utensils and jewels, lighting up homes with lamps, bursting crackers, worshiping the goddess of wealth, exchanging sweets and greetings with friends and family and finally sisters praying for the safety and well being of brothers. 18th October, 2017 is Diwali and like every year I will be celebrating the inner light that keeps me going today and every day !!

Celebratory Myths:
  • Lord Rama returned home after vanquishing the demons he encountered during his 14 year exile.
  • Lord Krishna slayed dreaded demon Narakasura and blessed mankind
  • Jains believe that it is their day of Nirvana
  • Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi for wealth !! After years I realised that it is the inner wealth
  • Worshiping the fiery form of Goddess as Kali or Tara to overcome evil
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