Unsung Heroes – Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

What makes a trip memorable? The sights, the food, the weather, the hotels, the experiences or the people who touch our lives. While all of them have the role to play, more often than not people leave a lasting impression. Across language, faith and food habits, that one thing that binds us is the language of love and respect !!Kashmir Great Lakes Horsemen

During my recent trek to Kashmir while we would interact with the guides and kitchen staff daily, the ones that worked hard in the background to make it all happen were the horsemen who packed our bags and equipment every morning and loaded them onto their horses for the next stop. One evening, while I sat on a stone reflecting on my life gone by I had the opportunity to chat up with the 2 horsemen who accompanied us on our trip. Born as humans in different corners of the same country, circumstances shaped our life differently. They barely attended school high up in the mountains and had to take over the reins of the horses and family barely in their teens, I had the opportunity to experience the world through education, books and travel. But when our paths crossed we were humans who faced the same inner trials, they struggling for a better life for their children, to give them what they were denied and me struggling to give myself a better work life balance. I was gifted with a horse shoe for good luck and blessings and while I accepted it with immense gratitude, I looked up to thank for you are never sure of the channel through which the blessings flow. Thank you Bilal Bhai !! I will remember you for ever. God Bless

If you are visiting the Sonmarg area in Kashmir and would like a horse ride to go up to the glacier or a day trek around you can reach out to the following

  • Bilal – 09469302806
  • Ghulam Hassan – 09419943682

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