Day Out in Dubare Elephant Camp, India

Recently we made a weekend trip to Dubare Elephant Camp located about 5 hrs away from Bangalore. The idea of dipping in the river giving bath to elephants sounded very exciting though my nephew kept reminding me of the poo that I may have to wade through to make that happen. We stayed at the Jungle Lodges over looking the young and nubile river Cauvery where the Elephants arrive every morning for their bath. At 9 am in the morning we were near the river where the elephants were being brought in for their daily dip. The older ones more than 50 years old, would walk in and lie down in the water while they were being scrubbed clean by their care givers and sprinkled with water by people like us.

After a lot of deliberation, I scrubbed the tusk of one of the elephants who appeared to be enjoying the attention and bath. I wondered whether the scrub with a hard bristled clothes brush was indeed comforting when I looked into the eye !! Look into the photograph of the eye of the elephant and let me know what you see, comfort, compassion, love, pain !!ย After the dip they were led away into the fields where they would dry themselves in the sun and then get a oil massage on the head, ears and feet and be ready to give a 10 minute joy ride to travelers. I observed them when they were being fed, the expression of joy at seeing food, communicating hunger, chewing every morsel with gratitude. It made me wonder whether elephants lived in acceptance, gratitude and joy more than us humans then what makes them go wild at times !! Is it a manifestation of anger or temporary uncontrollable behaviour !!

Travel Tip:
  • Dubare is about 250 kms away from Bangalore which takes about 5 hours by car. The last 2 km stretch leading to the river bank is a bit narrow and insensitive careless parking along the road side often makes it difficult for fellow tourists. If you are staying in Jungle Lodges, park the car on the river side in the designated area and cross over in their private boat on to the other side of the river where the property is located.
  • Jungle Lodges in Dubare is a great place to spend a lazy weekend with delicious food, and waking up to chirping birds, colorful butterflies and a coracle ride in Cauvery.
  • Can be visited anytime of the year though September to March is recommended. In the Monsoon Months of June to August river rafting is an added advantage
  • Preferably carry shorts, quick dry clothes in pastel colours or black/white to avoid scaring the birds and animals and prancing around in the river
  • Consider clubbing Dubare during a trip to Coorg (40kms) away more popularly known as the coffee country of India
  • On the way, do stop by at the Golden Temple or the Namdroling Monastery in Bylakuppe which is large Tibetan settlement.

This post is specifically written for my fellow blogger friend Jayanth who reminds me time and again that I write more about places around India and the world rather then where I live which is inadvertently true !!

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