Bend it with Lenovo Yoga!!

I am not a gadget freak!!! More often than not am happy with a good functional working solution. I typically carry a tablet for writing notes and taking pictures during my travels, catching up on mails, browsing or playing around with different apps mostly related to travel. Β This Lenovo tablet caught my eye not for the looks but for the name “Yoga” Β which fired my imagination.

The tagline Stand, Tilt, Hold sounds like the commands I give myself as I glide into yoga poses every morning. My yoga practice balanced my body, mind and soul over a period of time aligning instantly when I am faced with a not so favorable solution. I am expecting the yoga tablet to live up to the same spirit of Yoga and remain energetic ( long battery life) and in balance under all circumstances. My dream Yoga Tablet is the one which ….

  • Every time it senses a sort of free fall it should be able to stand or hold in balance when it reaches the floor causing no damage to it self from water, fire, stones, you name it !! Aha !! with that assurance I will carry it around to my most private moments with myself , you know where πŸ™‚ to read the morning news or my favorite book.
  • As is true with any yoga practice, the tab should mature to advanced stages of Yoga and along with Stand, Tilt, Hold, it should progress to Fold just like the Forward Bends in Yoga and travel the world safely in pockets and purses and stretch out to its limit for catching up on news and mails.
  • It should be self energizing ( battery charged with kinetic movement) with all these movements so that it remains my trusted companion when I am wandering in hinterland
  • It should have those extra sensors to beep when it wants to get into a pose for protecting itself or conserve energy
  • It should have the sensor to do yoga next to me every morning so that I get to read my mails and news while I am performing poses!!

Will the Lenovo Yoga Tablet live up to Lord Krishna’s famous words “Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam” (excellent in action is Yoga) and bring a revolution in the tablet world and unveil a Better Way ? Will the history of Yoga be re written to include Lenovo Yoga along with Hatha Yoga ?Β Move over “x Yoga”, “y Yoga” “z Yoga”, its time for Lenovo Yoga every morning !! I am waiting to see it in action, Are you ?

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