Emotions, Acceptance and a Sticky Situation

Emotions are fragile and so are relationships. The other day, I experienced this uncontrolled barrage of tears coming now and then leaving a part of me in doubt, a part of me embarrassed and yet another part completely relieved. I refrained from doing something I had agreed to since I had suddenly developed a muscle spasm on my back. While I was mis-understood, I took a step back and analyzed the situation and quickly realized my mistakes of handling the situation but that was not enough. I withdrew from the situation since I have long got past of confronting and indulging in a heated exchange of words. Somewhere a voice in me says

  • It turned out that way since that’s the way it was meant to be
  • I was protected and prevented from walking into something which was not for my greater good
  • The sarcastic words, the barbs that were meant for me melted into air since I was not there to receive it since my body and 6th sense refuse to accept negative emotional garbage from any one
  • It is a point in my journey towards infinite patience and acceptance
  • Some lessons will come with a tinge of pain and I need to swallow it with grace

The entire emotional tumult got over in less than 24 hours and I am back to my bouncy self with renewed vigor and a tad bit wiser. I realized that I have to catch up on mindfulness and surrender to my intuition which did give me ample signals but I happily ignored since I termed it as being my judgmental alter ego. The truth is when you ignore the nudge of the universe, it will lead to a whack and put you back on track.

Have you experienced something like me? Please share, would like to know more

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7 thoughts on “Emotions, Acceptance and a Sticky Situation

  1. Baldeep Kaur

    Hey! I hope you are feeling better. I am glad you let the negative energy go where it belongs, far far away from your presence, We came back today from a Rameswaram-Madurai-Kodai trip. One must see place for your list- Dhanushkoti in Rameswaram. I will share a few pics I clicked there on my blog soon. Take care and Keep smiling!!

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