Flying over Himalayas from Delhi to Leh

Himalayan Range is the crowning glory of India. Rightly named as the Snow Abode, it occupies a special place in the religious and cultural fabric of India across Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The revered Hindu Gods are believed to reside in the Himalayas and many a mystic saint is supposed to have attained salvation in its many folds. The highest peak in the world Mount Everest lies within the Himalayan Range.ย During a recent trip to Leh, contrary to my usual liking for the aisle seat, I occupied the window seat on the plane from Delhi. Within 15 minutes of take off, we were flying over Himalayas. I gasped at its beauty, the high snow clad peaks bathed in the morning sun, were of hope, anticipation, protection and effortless surrender !!

Once again I am grateful to have gotten this opportunity and ever grateful to have been born in India. In spite of all the chaos and cacophony there is an innate silence and spirituality of this land that pushes me to rediscover myself every now and then.

If you are flying Delhi to Leh or Delhi to Srinagar – make sure you have the window seat and preferably away from the wings ๐Ÿ™‚

My serious wanderlust for Himalayas begins here


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  1. which side of the flight should we sit to get amazing view of the Himalayas. the right or the left side while flying form Delhi.?

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  6. Some really stunning and breathtaking view – peaceful and serene. I have never flown over Himalayas like this (always been at night) but I can imagine the excitement.

    I still remember a flight to Bangalore from Kolkata – some 10 years back – just above the east coast on a bright sunny day and it felt great to see the demarcation of land and sea, something that I had only seen in maps or read about.

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