Exploring the Elements through Photographs

Sometimes I travel in search of history, sometimes for art and culture and more often than not in search of nature’s creations. There have been several moments during my travel journeys when I have been one with nature and these photographs are an expression of my feelings at that moment. I am not a photographer but just traveler who clicks.

The Elements of Nature that we see around reflects in our Physical and Mental Selves and have a profound impact on how we respond to situations. They mirror the Chakras or the energy circles that encompass our physical bodies. Thank You Himanshu of Everything Candid for nominating me to this contest by Thomas Cook.

EarthRoot Chakra !!

Aerial View of the Himalayas !! reminds me to be grounded and be humble in all circumstances.

Himalaya from Leh Delhi Flight

Water – Sacral Chakra

The flowing waters of the Narmada, glittering in the evening sun was a reminder to loosen up, to flow and believe that life happens !! The ripples will come and go, much like the difficult times we face. In such situation, wisdom is not to loose hope but live in eternal hope and stand tall in the middle of it all

Maheshwar Narmada Om Namaha Shivaya

Fire – Solar Plexus Chakra

While the Soliga tribal boys danced around fire, it was hard to ignore the real fire that was burning in their eyes, to do, to make, to usher, to conquer a change for themselves. The life force energy was so apparent that the real fire was just a source of warmth and light


 Air: Heart Chakra

Walking through the meadows in Kashmir on a misty day, with limited visibility, I learnt to trust, to surrender and live in eternal hope. When we open our heart to all experiences, life embraces us, cares for us and leads us home

Kashmir Great Lakes Harmukh Walking in Mist

I am nominating the following bloggers for the contest. If you want to know the details, of the Explore the Elements Photography Contest, please check the link on Thomas Cook website.

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8 thoughts on “Exploring the Elements through Photographs

  1. dNambiar

    Nicely done, Sangeeta. I like how you tied it all up by writing about what each of the elements mean to you.
    Lovely pictures. Your aerial shot is stunning. And the one with fog in it is so, so beautiful. All the best for contest.
    And thank you so very much for thinking about me, when you were doing the nominations 🙂

      1. dNambiar

        I was secretly hoping somebody would nominate me for this one ;D, not because it is a contest but for the theme; it’s an excuse to put together pictures from different trips, right? 🙂

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!

        1. Sangeeta Post author

          Hmmm turns out that I get to be the Secret Santa 🙂 No need to thank me, I just thought of you since I had never seen your posts on contests

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