Fishing Trip to the countryside, Bengal, India

I consider myself to be a connoisseur of fish but a miserable failure at angling. During one such fishing trip, enjoying other’s catch was the mantra !! Yes, I missed the joy of angling but not the joy of relishing the fresh catch prepared in the most rustic way. Be it the lobster or the Bhetki , the fresh water fish cooked in spicy mustard gravy with a spattering of split green chilly and generously laced with mustard oil made my day. Actually, Bengali’s have a penchant for mustard and tossing fish or deep frying in mustard oil and I am no exception. Call it attachment to roots or blinded by taste, when it comes to fish, I love it the Bong Way (abridged form of Bengali) and there is no competition to the Paturi’s, Bhaapa, Jhaal, Jhol et al.  As a sign of contentment, I am burping my way through this post !! 🙂


21 thoughts on “Fishing Trip to the countryside, Bengal, India

  1. Sangeeta Post author


    This was organized by a family friend in their ancestral village. He has since then moved abroad so I don’t have the contact.


  2. Deepak Singh

    I live in proper kolkata.No knowledge about angling but wanted to try it but my work always kept me away fron this and then one day I got married …. lol….however I want to go to a nearby destination for two days with my wife and my 10 year old angel where I can do sime fishing while enjoying the rustic kind of village with wildlife.please suggest.

  3. Gopal Garg

    I’m a big foodie and the one thing that I remember from my Bengal trip is the delicious fish curry. Although, i’m not an expert when it comes to fishing; I can catch a few. I had a great time reading your blog. Thank you for sharing.

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