Split Second Story with Terracotta Khullar Art

Every frame is a story, a narration of that something which is apparent and something beyond. Walking around in Kolkata, I stopped in front of a work of art made from Khullars better known as terracotta (burnt clay) mugs. If you are familiar with India, these mugs are used in street side tea stalls for serving tea / chai but are slowly being replaced by plastic cups ( highly avoidable) !!

Apart from the fast receding khullar mug, the image of the drummer made from broken, chipped pieces of the khullar mug reminded me of the fading culture of the Dhaki’s or the drummers from Bengal who weave magic into the festivities but are gradually fading into oblivion. One image conveyed everything that I would write a few hundred words to explain. Every frame has a story, its what we make of it in a split second when it appears in front of us.

Badamtala Ashar Sangha Pandal 2012

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