Glimpses at Night-Durga Puja in Kolkata

It is that time of the year in Autumn when Kolkata (erstwhile capital of British India) turns into a celebration of life, love and faith. The city turns into a grand art gallery by the day and appears to be a carnival ground by the night. It is a celebration of the Mother Goddess who is believed to be visiting her maternal home on earth with her family. Her homecoming is a community celebration in street corners by local area clubs and parks As I maneouver through the crowds across the city to visit the pandals (make shift canopy), humming tunes of joy while the dhaki beats connect me to the divine. I walked through bright umbrella lined roads, at times through the folds of a lotus to emerge into a lane celebrating music with different instruments. I watched in awe at the dragon face which had a compassionate streak and then entered a makeshift forest complete with all the audio effects that was absolutely close to reality.

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