25 Must See Kolkata Durga Puja, 2014

I traveled across the city for 3 days, visiting close to 70 Pandals admiring works of art, beautiful idols and watching well turned out youngsters flaunting latest fashion trends. Jostling through hundreds of mobile cameras aimed at pandals and idols, I tried my best to squeeze my camera in for a few pictures. Over the years, the small sized pujas have slowly emerged as block buster arty displays often revolving around a theme concerning socio cultural issues. Inspite of all the glitter and glamour, my puja is not complete without paying a visit to 2 idols – Ekdalia and Bagbazar. The gigantic and wide eyed personification of the mother goddess there keeps me grounded, assured and humbled. While it was a tough task, I identified my favourite 25 of this year. In most cases it was the idol, in some the pandal and the ambience !! Here is my photo gallery of Durga Puja 2014 Kolkata

  • East    – Sreebhumi, Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha, Telengabagan
  • North – Ahiritola, Kumortuli, Hatibagan NabinPally, Hatibagan Nalini Sarkar St, Mohd Ali Park, Santosh Mitra Square, College Square
  • West  – Suruchi Sangha, Chetla Agrani, Behala Barisha Club, Haridebpur Ajeya Sanghati
  • South -Bosepukur, Tridhara, Ballygunj Samajsebi, 66 Pally, Mudiali, Shibmandir, Babubagan, Jodhpur Park, 95 Pally, Salimpur, Santoshpur Lake

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Durga Puja will be held between 6th October and 11th October in 2016.

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10 thoughts on “25 Must See Kolkata Durga Puja, 2014

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  3. Sriradha

    Wow, really amazing Sangeeta. The last time I was in Kolkata during Durga pujo was probably 20 years back. Your pictures do make the work of the artisans seem like an art gallery. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. Now I wish I can be in Kolkata during the next Durga pujo. Shubho Bijoya !!!

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